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7 Data Sins Series: Buying the same data multiple times

Moderator: Jessica Watson

Speaker: Stef Nielen

As a continuation of our 7 Data Sins series, Stef Nielen, Director of Strategic Business Development discusses with Jessica Watson the fast-changing market data landscape and how financial services firms can address the challenges. Touching on themes outlined in our recently published joint whitepaper with Xpansion on Smart Sourcing and Smart Usage Nielen expands on how the challenges can be viewed as three perspectives: Commercial, Business, and Regulatory.

Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Hedge Funds, Brokers, and Banks, they all need to master their data successfully. That means sourcing, cleaning, and governing it to create the highest quality before distributing it to the different teams within their organization.

As the demand for data grows in the industry and increasingly more types of data become available the costs and risks inevitably arise. For most financial institutions the pressure has been building up to reduce costs and improve efficiency by optimizing cycle times. Organizational changes and regulatory scrutiny hasn’t made this any easier.