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Our philosophy towards technology reflects our overall strategy of simplifying and streamlining data operations for our customers, address their market and reference data use cases in valuation, operations, investment management and risk and reporting, and empowering their business users.

In selecting technologies to underpin our services our guiding principles are to not reinvent the wheel, build using cloud-native components, use open-source technology to seamlessly adopt Cloud Providers and significantly reduce overall running costs. We architect on the basis of microservices and incorporate modern deployment methodologies such as Ansible to provision and configure our platform based upon underlying Docker images.

Our approach to cloud is pragmatic, yet central to everything we do, we see it as a means to and end to help clients consume data management and analytics services with lower risk, reduced TCO and faster change cycles.

We incorporate Open JDK for Java Components and significantly improve market data access to the front office by providing low latency access to the market data through an integrated distributed cache. We add our proprietary technologies in market and reference data integration, mapping, warehousing and business user enablement.

DevOps is an especially useful and valuable approach in financial services. Our customers face frequent change on the incoming data sets with new data sets being onboarded regularly. They face equally frequent change on the outgoing side with new reporting requirements, new models and analytics to be supplied and quants and applications requesting increasingly granular, high volume data sets.

Alveo sits in the middle of all that change in data. We provide a funnel to effectively onboard disparate financial pricing and reference data sets, quality-proof them, and to provide the user experience UX to effectively create and source approved data sets.

We cater to the demands for interoperability and optionality, combining flexibility and rigor. We do the heavy lifting and users of our services can focus on proprietary, value-added activities using our data modelling capabilities and integrated approach to data aggregation and analytics.
We provide complete lineage on all data flows and store data bitemporally, allowing users to replay data and scenarios from any point in the past.

Our solutions help clients manage change, streamline their operations and maximize their Data ROI.

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