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Hubbis Digital Dialogue Series: The evolving world of FinTech

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Location: Online

The Evolving World of FinTech, Robo, AI, ML, Data, Analytics & Digital Solutions

The October 22 Hubbis Digital Dialogue will looked deeply and intently at the growth of the influence of FinTech in Asia and at the universe of digital solutions being promoted and rolled out across the region’s offshore and onshore wealth management markets, including assessing what impact the pandemic has had in accelerating the rollout of digital solutions. What is 100% clear is that the role of digital technology and solutions have been rising in prominence in recent years and even before the pandemic were at the position of being an absolute necessity for any serious wealth management institution competing in any segment of the market.

Stef Nelien,Director of Strategic Business Development ay Alveo, will participate in the discussion.

During this 1-hour webinar session, we’ll address the following questions:

  • What needs to take place before banks and asset management firms decide on their priorities?
  • Where should the investment be focused? Back-end, middle or front-end?
  • How do the banks and other WM players decide between the many different FinTech solutions and firms competing for their attention?
  • How can robo, AI, and ML boost the skills of the RMs and the experience of the end clients?
  • How will the industry leverage mainstream and alternative data and enhanced analytics to drive personalization and relevance?
  • In which segments are all these developments vital – mass affluent, HNW, UHNW or all the above?
  • What are the key dangers of getting this wrong?
  • Who is winning the race to state-of-the-art digital wealth management?