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FRTB Roundtable, part II


Event date:

Join us on April 7th at 10:00 am EST, where we will host a discussion led by a panel of industry experts from RBC, BMO, Baker McKenzie, ICE and CMA to explore the best ways to address the impact and challenges of FRTB. The forum will include perspectives on best practices in risk analytics, data sourcing and data management, mathematical finance, and regulatory rule interpretation.

What you’ll gain in this hour session:

  • Knowledge of expected changes that need to occur in order to minimize operational losses as further FRTB challenges arise, direct from
  • We’ll address the heightened demand for a shift in new workflows and processes
  • Our industry experts their views on other exogenous and endogenous factors that will need to be considered as your bank embarks on its FRTB transformation journey

The pressure to complete external and internal readiness assessments is increasing as we approach the first milestones on the new FRTB calendar. Banks must be prepared to maximize operational resilience to ensure that their businesses have the capacity to withstand the FRTB impact and adapt to the ensuing changes. External and internal assessments must be made as soon as possible to test your business’ capacity to withstand shocks to your operations and business lines that will need to become more adaptable.

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