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On-Demand: ESG Data Management: Insights and Technologies


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Watch our free webinar. We look at the data management challenges for ESG data, discussing how you can effectively source, aggregate and analyze ESG data sets across the entire investment management process.


ESG Data Management: Insights & Technology


Our industry experts talk about ESG data management and its challenges in a panel discussion. Following their debate, Alveo gives an overview of how our technology and solutions can help with investment analysis and decisions around ESG data.

Webinar Speakers:

Nigel Jansz

Nigel is the Lead Director within  EY’s WAM Technology and Data Practice for Oceania. His consulting and corporate experience across Financial Services and Wealth Asset Management is rarely seen. He has deep expertise in Data and Technology Transformation programmes across different clients and industries

Prior to joining EY, Nigel was the Lead Director at Deloitte where he established the Investment Management and Wealth Data (IWA) and Technology practice. Prior to this he worked for Goldman Sachs and was responsible for the Federation Technology division and Lead the Major projects division for Australia and New Zealand.


Bernard Hsu – ICE

Bernard Hsu is a seasoned Business Development specialist with over 14 years of experience in the data and technology space within the financial services industry. Bernard has been with ICE Data Services for more than 3 years focusing on reference data and ESG, he continues to be at the forefront of any upcoming ESG trends, discussions and regulations in Asia. Bernard trusts in leveraging data and technology to increase efficiency and provide a sustainable competitive advantage that can help a company advance as an industry leader.


Stef Nielen – Alveo

Stef Nielen is a Global Strategic Business Development Manager for the Buyside at Alveo, with a Special focus on ESG Data Enablement. His most recent published white papers include I : “Addressing challenges in ESG data management” and II: “Implementing an ESG-Rating into the Investment Process“. Both can be found in Alveo’s Insight section.

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