FRTB Virtual Briefing: Keynote On-Demand

A-team turns Reg Tech Summit into a virtual conference

RegTech Summit Virtual looks at how financial institutions are navigating and responding to the regulatory landscape in the current crisis environment.   As COVID-19 continues to cause unprecedented economic and market disruption, global regulators around the world are realigning their priorities and rapidly shifting their strategies to support institutions. Join us to understand the impact of these measures on meeting regulatory compliance requirements and to make sure you are taking the necessary steps and arrangements to keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape.

Key takeaways:

  • The crossroads of legacy and modern in financial services: a view on the current state of market data management
  • Required foundational capabilities: how to use cloud technology, real-time oversight on data management processes and managed services to optimise market data management

View Alveo’s, Martijn Groot, full webinar here.

On-Demand Webinar

Optimizing market data management

Alveo’s CTO, Mark Hermeling, also took part in the FRTB deep dive. This keynote will explore what a post-COVID future could look like for the regulatory landscape and the corresponding risk data management.