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Live Webinar: Data Management for ESG Requirements

Alveo Sales Team

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is moving into the mainstream, requiring asset managers to develop ESG strategies that deliver for both the firm and its investors.

While these strategies can outperform those that do not include ESG factors, there is no clear route to success in an immature market that is only just beginning to be regulated and offers many and varied vendor data services and ESG scoring schemes. Similarly, the role of the sell-side in providing ESG data services to the buy-side is yet to be clarified.

This webinar will help you navigate the maze of ESG data services in the market, implement data management for disclosure, and make sure your organization is in line with forthcoming ESG regulations.

What you’ll learn from this 50-minute session:

  • The status and potential growth of ESG investing
  • Emerging regulations in both the EU and UK post Brexit
  • How to select ESG data sources that meet your needs
  • The role of the sell-side in ESG data provision
  • Data management for ESG disclosure and sustainability reporting
  • Supporting technology solutions and services
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