On-Demand Webinar: The promise and potential of AI

A-team turns Data Management Summit into a virtual conference

Due to the concern about the coronavirus and the increased need for remote working, we were happy to be a part of A-Team Group’s innovative new virtual event model to replace the in-person event. Alveo’s Boyke Baboelal spoke on a panel entitled: The promise and potential of AI

Key topics discussed:

  • How AI is being deployed and developed
  • Identifying use cases for AI
  • Challenges around using AI and lessons learned
  • Benefits and developing best practices for AI

The Panel

  • Boyke Baboelal, Strategic Solutions Director Americas, Alveo
  • Sripriya Sreedher, Head of Data Management, NatWest Markets
  • Nadia Abouayoub, Strategist and Specialist on Innovation in the Finance Sector; Committee Member, BCS AI Special Interest Group
  • Moderator: Lauren McAughtry, Editor, A-Team Group
On-Demand Webinar

View our A.I. webinar

Alveo is delighted to have sponsored this A-Team panel discussing how artificial intelligence is deployed and developed, and learning best practices.