Cloud Holds the Key — Embracing Managed Data Services

Financial services firms of all sizes and in all markets are harder pressed than ever to provide value to customers and investors, alongside having to manage fixed operating costs and address challenging regulatory mandates. Complex legacy infrastructure often obstructs effective data exploration and business insight, and increases the cost of change.

Firms are increasingly looking to third-party providers for help with data sourcing, aggregation and mastering functions. While cloud-based services took some time to reach critical mass across the capital markets, they are now the only practical way of delivering a growing range of proven products and services to end-users – to address enterprise-wide data requirements and to augment existing infrastructure. Managed data services can bring significantly reduced onboarding times, shrinking the total cost of ownership and accelerated time-to-market in onboarding new content, feeding new business applications or meeting new regulatory requirements.

Key topics discussed:

  • The latest cloud-based data management products and ancillary services
  • The extent to which financial services firms are making use of cloud-based managed data services to underpin new business initiatives and regulatory obligations
  • Value propositions – including financial benefits, time-to-market and reduced implementation risks – that firms benefit from by adopting cloud-based managed services
  • Criteria firms should consider when looking to partner with managed service providers

The Panel

  • Martijn Groot, Vice-President, Marketing and Strategy, Alveo
  • Tom Dalglish, Europe, the Middle East and Africa Regional Advocate, EDM Council
  • Angela Johnson, Global Program Director, Deutsche Bank
  • Anil Kumar Nayak, Senior Developer, JP Morgan
  • Moderator: Victor Anderson, Global Content Director, WatersTechnology
On-Demand Webinar

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