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E-Book: Around the (Data Management) World in 30 Days

Antje Haberkern

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Different regions have different financial priorities and initiatives. As a result, we stopped in 6 countries and discussed each location’s top issues regarding financial services and new regulations.

This eBook summarizes the six topics from around the globe that we explored in our Summer Series series. Some of those topics are unique to their region; other challenges seem to be universal. However, all challenges discussed commonly impede financial organization’s ability to make the best data-driven decisions and ensure economic success.

Where did we go and what did we discuss?

  • Destination: Singapore
    Putting ESG Data to Work:
    Overcoming Data Management and Data Quality Challenges
  • Destination: Sydney
    The Importance of Data as an Asset
  • Destination: London
    Post-Brexit, Post-Pandemic London
  • Destination: Berlin
    Engineering Trends in Financial Data Management
  • Destination: Toronto
    FRTB: The Need to Integrate Data Management and Analytics
  • Destination: New York
    Risk Mitigation: Maximising Market Data ROI

Scratch your travel itch and come along with us and gain a new perspective on data management approaches from around the world.

2021 Summer Series eBook

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