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The Buy Versus Build Conundrum

The debate continues to rage across the financial services sector: is it ‘better’ to build solutions internally, or to buy them from an external solutions provider?

Banks and asset managers are impacted by ongoing regulatory requirements, digitization, rapid growth in data volumes and a shift to cloud
deployment, and the threat of disintermediation by new technology companies. These trends are driving change across the sector as businesses
seek to address the challenges they face either through internal development; looking for third party solutions; or a combination of both.

A recent survey commissioned by Alveo polled decision-makers in financial services organisations in the United States and in Europe on topics related to the drivers of technology investment and what determines the choice of in-house development or using third-party products. Opening new revenue opportunities’ represented the biggest driver of increased investment into technology solutions overall with 53% of the sample citing it in their top three. This was followed by ‘improve business user enablement/productivity’ (50%) and ‘need to keep pace with technological change’ (47%).

With the deadline confirmed as January 2022, time is running out for firms to identify and adopt a strategic approach to upgrading their trading infrastructure and implementing compliance processes to meet the new requirements.

This Special Report provides a detailed insight into exactly what the data requirements are for FRTB in its latest (and final) incarnation, and explores what needs to be done in order to meet these needs on a cost-effective and company-wide basis.

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This industry survey, commissioned by Alveo, explores how Financial Services companies evaluate sourcing options for, budget for and measure the return on their data management function.