Alveo extends Ops360 data operations solution

Rolls out ‘no code’ in its curve builder capabilities and integrates with QuantLib.

Alveo, a leading provider of cloud-based market data management services, has announced the extension of its data operations solution Ops360 including standard integration with QuantLib for advanced analytics.

With the new functionality, any appropriately permissioned business user can simply drag and drop input data sets into functions and set parameters to derive data and kick off the calculation of curves and risk factors. No coding is needed and the process is interactive. Users can add sources, tweak parameters before promoting a given calculation to production and anchoring it in an operational workflow in, for instance, financial modelling, valuation, product control, margin calculation or market risk management.

The capability comes with Alveo’s standard benefits including full transparency into the underlying sources of risk factors, the management of different families of interest rate curve drawing from different baskets of bonds; and the capability to quickly set up proprietary calculations.

Neil Sandle, Head of Product Management Alveo, said “the release of our new, interactive no-code curve building capability follows customer demand. New financial risk factors, changing input sets and calculation parameters but also broader market trends such as benchmark changes require a capability to easily maintain derived data sets such as curves and surfaces.

“The capability to quickly set up and prototype and do ‘what if’ analysis on risk factor creation, using different market data sources, or input sets, against either standard libraries, such as QuantLib, or customer’s own libraries in Python, or other languages, is a major business enabler” he added.

Mark Hepsworth, CEO Alveo, said “this functionality shows our blend of ultimate flexibility to end users with the rigour and industrial scale of an enterprise solution. Customers can set-up, prototype and manage different sets of derived data sets for different purposes and, using Alveo’s permissioning and data governance, easily share those with the wider organisation and include them into business operations. Whether clients use our solution on-prem, in private cloud or via our Data-as-a-Service, Ops360 puts the business user in control”.