Alveo launches Prime Cloud; major, cloud-native release of its core data management platform

Prime Cloud is the latest iteration in Alveo’s award-winning data management offering Prime. Prime is a highly scalable, end-to-end solution for the sourcing, mastering, quality management, access, distribution, analytics and ROI improvement of financial data. Prime Cloud offers a cloud-native, containerized version of Prime based on a microservices architecture using open-source components including Apache Cassandra as its time series database.

Prime’s rich ecosystem of data management services helps companies onboard and incorporate new data sources, monitor and improve data quality, manage data workflows, track data usage, provision business users and scale applications, and implement complex analytics at lower cost and higher speed. Prime Cloud provides cloud-provider agnostic deployment, a globally distributable solution and, thanks to its storage structure and linear scalability, extremely performant write and read operations.

Mark Hermeling, CTO, Alveo, said “Prime Cloud’s microservices architecture and containerization makes for an optimal load-balancing and use of resources. We make the most of cloud elasticity; running multiple instances per microservice depending on variable loading and processing requirements. Prime Cloud has a natively redundant set-up due to replication across multiple nodes and zones and customers can finetune control over global and regional deployment keeping local data restrictions in mind. Thanks to Cassandra’s storage structure and linear scalability substantial performance improvements can be achieved especially for deep time series histories. This will benefit our customers’ typical data integration, data cleansing and data analytics use cases.”

Mark Hepsworth, CEO, Alveo, said “ We believe institutions moving market data infrastructure to the cloud will be a major trend over the next five years and we are already working with clients on these projects.  The release of Prime Cloud is a major milestone for Alveo which enables clients to run our core and new products natively in the cloud. Along with our new User Interface and focus on business user self-service, native integration with the cloud allows clients to reduce TCO, accelerate the onboarding of new data and improve efficiencies.”