Alveo Puts Users in Charge of their Data with Launch of Ops360 Solution

London, UK – Alveo, a leading provider of proven, data management cloud-based services for financial data analytics , has launched its new  Ops360 workflow solution. Ops360 is a rich web user interface based on a new business domain model and RESTful API ) that offers users unprecedented control for  sourcing, mastering, governing, investigating and exploring their financial instrument data.

Ops 360 focuses on enabling business and operations users to more easily browse, process and validate financial data.  It is part of a product rollout that incorporates a range of new open source technologies into the Alveo platform.   Existing financial services-focused Enterprise Data Management solutions fall short when it comes to dynamically acquiring, preparing and researching data sets while generic NoSQL and analytics solutions miss domain and mastering experience. This has left firms ‘between a rock and a hard place’ with a choice of staying with focused, but rigid solutions or spending significant resources on implementing and customising generic solutions.

Mark Hepsworth, CEO, Alveo, said: “We are really pleased to launch this significant expansion in capabilities. Our roadmap focuses on business user enablement and leveraging more of the exciting open source technologies now available and this release ticks both boxes. Business users increasingly want to self-service their data management requirements and experience an easier process to set up the data they need. Ops 360 along with our new data driven Business Domain Model facilitates this..”

Mark Hermeling, CTO, Alveo commented: “with our new Business Domain Model, we have taken a fully data-driven approach. Through the ability to easily configure combinations of data sets, regions, roles, processes and rules, we facilitate data governance and allow users to define granular data processing catering to their business requirements. Our Ops360 user interface dynamically reflects these configurations.”

About Alveo

Alveo is the market leader in data quality software solutions for financial data. Focused on business user enablement, we help clients simplify complexity and ensure users across buy and sell side make the most of their data assets by providing easy data integration, data cleansing, distribution and data discovery solutions.

We service a blue-chip client base globally and our award-winning solutions provide rigorous processes to secure high-quality data, easy integration into business user workflows and a trusted environment for advanced analytics. Delivered through managed services, cloud or on-premise deployment, our highly scalable products help the world’s most successful financial institutions meet their risk management, valuation, security master and operational needs with mission critical reliability.

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