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Webinar Overview 

Our inaugural partner webinar was an opportunity for our partner community to hear from our CEO, Mark Hepsworth and our CTO, Mark Hermeling, who provided updates on our latest company news, product roadmaps and technology strategy, and shared their insights on current data management industry trends, including:

  • Improve data transparency and facilitate data sourcing for growing regulatory requirements;
  • Streamline operations whilst lowering running costs and cost of change and;
  • Simplify business access to high-quality data.

This was followed by a demonstration of our new user experience – Ops360.



Alveo Corporate Update, Our Strategy and Data Management Trends

Mark Hepsworth
Chief Executive Officer

Product Innovation & Technology Strategy

Mark Hermeling
Chief Technology Officer

Ops360 Demonstration

Grant Carter
Head of Pre-Sales

Our Partner Community

Edward Bragg
Director of Partnerships & Alliances

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