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Data management is fundamental across the entire financial services industry.

Whether at asset managers, hedge funds, insurance firms, banks, regulators or market infrastructure firms, the financial data management challenges tend to be remarkably similar. All business and regulatory reporting processes are getting increasingly data intensive.

Integration of difference sources, getting a full and accurate aggregate picture on customers, exposure by product or market and providing timely, accurate and complete information to business users, investors and regulators is critical no matter where you are.

Insight Driven Data Management for Banks

An integrated data management platform for end-to-end control of sourcing, mastering, distribution and exploration of financial data.


Banking Alveo

Insight Driven Data Management for Asset Managers

It is crucial that asset managers and hedge funds have an accurate and complete data picture.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Insight Driven Data Management for Insurance Companies

In order to accurately assess asset-side risk, insurance companies need clean market data histories and scenarios


Insurance Alveo

Data Management Solutions for Robust and Scalable Financial Market Infrastructure

Financial markets infrastructure including execution venues, CSDs, clearing houses, central banks as well as regulators fulfil a critical role in the ecosystem. Their need for joined-up data to get a clear market picture has grown with their increasingly critical role.

Market Infastructure

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