Helping clients keep on top of frequent change requests through setting up new development tools and infrastructure
Increasing or decreasing resources as required through turn-key processes and automation
Helping clients with cybersecurity provisioning, user management, security management and API management

DevOps Services

Change is a given

Financial services firms face frequent changes in incoming data sets. They face equally frequent change on the outgoing side with new reporting requirements and quants and applications requesting increasingly granular, high volume data sets.

Channeling change

Alveo sits in the middle of all that change in data. We provide a funnel to effectively onboard disparate financial pricing and reference data sets, quality-proof them, and give the user experience UX to effectively create and source approved data sets.

Includes setting up new development tools and infrastructure, ensuring cybersecurity, decoupling management from the underlying infrastructure, provisioning by increasing or decreasing resources as required through turn-key processes and automation, provisioning, user management, security management, and API management.


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Make the most of your financial data management in the cloud. Our DevOps services help clients build, test and maintain the infrastructure and tools to allow for the speedy deployment and release of data management solutions. Discover how in our DevOps datasheet.

Our unique structured approach to securing high-quality market data and validated price information has proven to be highly effective for many of the world’s most notable financial services firms.

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