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Managed Services Alveo

Improve Data Quality and Increase Operational Scalability

Data management requirements are a moving target and change is a given. They are driven by regulatory demands for more granular reporting, by an increased focus on the strength of the integration process, business needs for faster access to more data to improve decision making, management needs for KPIs and process transparency or simply the need to onboard additional data sources.


PaSS recognizes firms’ requirements for new services to scale their business. Through an a la carte menu of service offerings, PaSS can be used both for wholesale data management outsourcing or for infrastructure augmentation on a use case by use case basis.

Reduce BAU Cost as well as Cost of Future Change

PaSS is SOC 2 compliant and includes day-to-day BAU data management and change services as well as testing services to help firms easily digest the impact of change on their internal systems and processes. Last mile integration is often underestimated and is an integral part of our offering.

Download Our PaSS Managed Services Overview

Our services overview include sourcing, hosting, changing, running and testing. Managed Services for Financial Data Management. Simplified.

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