Comprehensive managed data service catalog to load, host, change, run and test.
Monitoring of incoming data, data distributions and transparency into the data supply chain
Easy onboarding of new data sets and fast last-mile integration to maximize Data ROI

Managed services

Reduce BAU and change cost

PaSS is a SOC 2 compliant managed service that includes day-to-day BAU data management and change services and testing services to help firms easily digest the impact of change on their internal systems and processes.

Make the most of your data

New data sets are required, and new reports and business applications need quality data. Alveo’s data collection and distribution speed up onboarding and last-mile integration.

Flexibility meets rigor

Data quality rules, audits, and complete lineage help firms explain the value of any data point. This rigor is combined with the easy set-up of new user views, workflow processes, sources, and data distribution.

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PaSS: Managed Services Overview

Our services overview include sourcing, hosting, changing, running and testing. Managed Services for Financial Data Management. Simplified.

Our unique structured approach to securing high-quality market data and validated price information has proven to be highly effective for many of the world’s most notable financial services firms.

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