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For starters, Alveo’s provides an e-learning portal with short and targeted “how to” online training. We offer dedicated training courses delivered online or on-site for a more thorough approach. We offer a ‘train the trainer’ program for clients or partners with larger-scale training needs.

We can configure your training to cater to business analysts, data specialists, or configuration/set-up roles. Depending on the audience, the focus is day-to-day use of the solution or the configuration of new rules and onboarding of new data sets.

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Alveo’s training team is dedicated to helping you achieve successful, smooth onboarding of our services and products to accelerate your return on investment and accelerate time to market.


Alveo Academy Training Guide

We offer our customers and registered partners various ways to get the most out of their Alveo solution through different training options.

Our unique structured approach to securing high-quality market data and validated price information has proven to be highly effective for many of the world’s most notable financial services firms.

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