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Streamline Operations

Reference Data Management Solutions:

  • Security setup and post-trade processing
  • Performance management
  • Portfolio accounting

Market Data Management Solutions:

  • Portfolio valuation (e.g. NAV and IPV)
  • Sensitivity measures
  • Scenario analysis

Risk Data Management Solutions:

  • Stress testing
  • FRTB market data management
  • Back testing

Financial Services Regulation Increases Demands on Data Volumes, Level of Detail and the Data Preparation Processes

Market Risk, IPV and Trade Reporting Data Needs

Financial Regulatory Needs

Data Management for Operational Effectiveness

Financial services firms are first and foremost in the information processing business. Harnessing all required sources of financial content, integrating them and getting them into the hands of decision makers is increasingly critical.
Optimized Reference Data Management

Easy Access to Trusted Data

Easy Access to Trusted Data is the Largest Untapped Productivity Improvement

Business User Enablement

Big Data Management



Improving Data Quality

Data Quality Intelligence

Data Quality Intelligence

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