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Reconciling Rigorous Data Management with Continuous Regulatory Change

Big Data Management

BCBS239 was the start of closer regulatory attention to the data management processes in risk data management and was followed by other initiatives such as the ECB’s TRIM programme.

BCBS239 consists of 14 principles for risk data aggregation and put rigor and structure in banks’ data management. Firms and regulators alike have realized that you cannot separate the models from the data quality and that an integrated approach to data management and analytics is needed.

Alveo provides market and reference data management solutions for the cleansing, enrichment, aggregation, and distribution of complete data sets for risk calculations to meet BCBS 239 requirements.

It includes complete data lineage so firms can easily track data back to its sources and monitor data flows. Its flexible yet rigorous data quality management and source onboarding help to lower the cost of change while meeting regulatory requirements.

For risk data management, Alveo helps users to manage price consolidation and construct of derived data such as curves through its Ops360 user interface. Business users can define custom rules for derivation and validation without the need of IT or directly access market data using open-source technology using SPARK and notebooks. Data quality is closely monitored and access controlled via a granular entitlements approach.

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An overview of Alveo’s solutions for financial data integration, mastering and exploration to address challenges in security master, independent valuation and risk factors.

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