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Firms have to deal with significant increases in data for financial analysis, risk analysis and regulatory reporting. Business users have ever more data intensive jobs and need easy access to the financial data they require for their models, analysis or reporting.

Big Data Management

Big Data Management: Stay Ahead of the Curve

Alpha is a cloud-deployed delivery, storage and analytics platform using Cassandra NoSQL database technology and Apache Spark. As well as offering very fast data access and significant reductions in infrastructure costs, Alpha provides an extensive range of accessibility and exploration options to allow easy access to data coming from our data mastering solution as well as other data sources.

Alpha includes native integration to Python and R, as well as integration with third party Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Business users directly access data through enterprise search capabilities and use Spark to quickly develop and on-board financial models. Alpha has been used as part of a market data infrastructure to easily provision mastered market data for e.g. proxies, sensitivity engines, risk management and stress testing.

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An overview of Alveo’s solutions for financial data integration, mastering and exploration to address challenges in security master, independent valuation and risk factors.

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