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ESG data has come to the forefront due to changing investment trends and upcoming new disclosure requirements.

Big Data Management

Asset managers face many challenges when integrating ESG data in decision-making processes. The key problem is that ESG data is wide and disperse and that detailed disclosure data and third-party assessments need to be combined to gather sufficient insight from it for use in the investment process.

Depending on the investment style, ESG information plays a key role in research, fund product development, external manager selection, asset selection, performance tracking, client reporting, regulatory reporting, as well as voting. In short, ESG data is needed through the entire chain and must be made available to different stakeholders across the investment process.

Increasingly, ESG is becoming an investment factor in its own right. This means ESG indicators and ESG-based selection criteria need to be distilled from a broader set of primary data points (for example on water usage, diversity, disclosure standards, waste and carbon emissions), self-declarations in the annual report and third-party assessments.

Additionally, ESG information needs to be standardized, to roll up company-based information to portfolio level information, track ESG criteria against third-party indices or to conform to external reporting requirements.

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