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Big Data Management

Alveo allows users easy management and creation of derived data including indices, benchmarks and other summary statistics. Alveo provides off the shelf integration with index data providers.

Through Alveo’s Ops360 user experience, users can manage and inspect indices for listed and OTC products and their underlying constituents. Alveo tracks the weights and constituents over time. Dedicated business rules are supported, for example to define custom benchmarks.


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Alveo’s solutions empower business users to define custom rules for derivation and validation without the need of IT. Time to market for new data requirements is reduced by enabling business users to manage and customize internal and vendor data models.

Alveo’s data model includes support for Portfolio, Composite, Share Class and Positions Structures and incorporates dedicated business rules and searching capabilities

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Ops360 is your 360-degree view offering a user-friendly control layer so users can identify bottlenecks and take corrective action right away.

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An overview of Alveo’s solutions for financial data integration, mastering and exploration to address challenges in security master, independent valuation and risk factors.

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FRTB: Cloud to Cloud

In this report, authored by Alveo and Vector Risk, we discuss resolving the challenges of data intensity and computational complexity.

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