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An overview of Alveo’s solutions for financial data integration, mastering and exploration to address challenges in independent price verification and other valuation challenges

Big Data Management

Alveo’s Independent Price Verification (IPV) solution offers a comprehensive and effective solution and a structured approach to securing high quality market data and validated price information.
Independent price verification refers to a process to assess valuations independently from the front office, i.e. traders or portfolio managers. This includes comparing front office prices to externally sourced prices, investigating anomalies and tracking data lineage. It typically includes using a vendor, exchange or market maker source hierarchy and business rules to flag implausible movements or other anomalies.

Prudent Valuation means applying valuation adjustments to the fair value price to come to an ‘all-in costing’ of the position. This can include valuation adjustments reflecting the credit risk of the counterparty, the funding costs and liquidity. It can include using market activity information to gauge liquidity to come to confidence interval on exit price and for example using Corporate bond and CDS index and single name data to gauge credit risk on counterparty.

Banking Alveo

Download our The valuation imperative: Raising the bar in market data management Whitepaper

Valuation is the most fundamental capability in financial services. This Alveo white paper summarizes market data requirements for independent pricing units including prudent valuation requirements.

More Insights on Business User Enablement

FRTB: Cloud to Cloud

In this report, authored by Alveo and Vector Risk, we discuss resolving the challenges of data intensity and computational complexity.

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