Market data in the cloud

Move forward to the cloud, faster.

Cloud provides a different costing model while enhancing productivity, accelerating deployment, and increasing flexibility. Alveo’s Prime Cloud is an end-to-end, cloud native and platform agnostic data management solution. It integrates with industry cloud warehouses such as Snowflake and Amazon Redshift. Clients can choose to run Prime Cloud on their own private or public cloud instances, or as part of a complete managed service, or Data as a Service (DaaS) from Alveo. A core benefit of running workloads in the cloud with Prime Cloud is the reduced time to market: deploy services and systems in days, rather than months.

Market data in the cloud

Where efficiency meets scalability

Prime Cloud has been built for Data-as-a-Service and maximizing Data ROI. Prime Cloud’s microservices architecture and containerization enables optimal load-balancing and efficient use of resources. Running multiple instances per microservice depending on variable loading and processing requirements effectively powers business applications and furnishes business users with the quality content required.

Market data in the cloud

Data quality for machine learning

Coupled with strong growth in the spend, volume and diversity of information sources is the increased use of advanced analytics in business processes. Increased adoption of machine learning creates new data quality and data preparation requirements. Alveo’s solutions have been designed to address the twin problems of last mile integration to end users and business applications and providing a trusted foundation for advanced analytics.

  • Designed to address the twin problems of last-mile integration to end-users and business applications
  • Provide a trusted foundation for advanced analytics

Our unique structured approach to securing high-quality market data and validated price information has proven to be highly effective for many of the world’s most notable financial services firms.

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Market Data in the Cloud

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