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Optimizing data management for regulatory reporting

Big Data Management

Post-trade regulatory reporting requirements have increased following a range of regulations including Dodd-Franck, EMIR, MiFID II and SFTR. This poses new reporting challenges but also creates complications in trade enablement with new demands on instrument set-up.

The number of data points to be reported on transactions has steadily increased. Apart from the increased granularity, regulators have become more prescriptive on what identifiers to use for instruments, legal entities and execution venues. 

Alveo’s standard business domain model keeps track of the market and reference data requirements firms face as a result of that. It includes the data elements and standards required. In addition, Alveo’s standard integration includes all the main data providers and identification standards including service providers such as the Derivatives Service Bureau. Our solutions – whether delivered on-prem or via a managed service – include our standard data model, integration library and data preparation dashboard. Our solutions provide peace of mind, lower the cost of change and help firms effectively deal with regulatory change.

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An overview of Alveo’s solutions for financial data integration, mastering and exploration to address challenges in security master, independent valuation and risk factors.

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