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Why Ops360?

Ops360 is a web-based data operations solution offering full control over the data acquisition and mastering process and providing capabilities for:

  • Targeted data acquisition
  • Data cleansing
  • Data browsing
  • End-to-end data lineage

Ops360 provides easy access for data analysts, supervisors and other stakeholders to monitor the status of arrival and processing of data feeds, distribution of vetted data sets, and insights into data preparation processes. Ops360 dynamically sources the required market data and provides users with intuitive access to validated data sets with full lineage capabilities to research anomalies and answer inquiries from users, auditors or regulators.

Banking Alveo

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Financial Regulatory Needs

What Challenges Does Ops360 Solve?

Ops 360 provides a bird’s eye view of data flows, from acquisition through mastering and enrichment through to distribution. It provides multiple windows into Prime, our pricing and reference data management solution to optimally source data, prepare it for usage or directly search for what the user requires. Starting with an overview dashboard, users can drill down into a historical overview of processes, pick a time frame and zoom in on any date range.

Benefits of Ops360

  • Complete transparency and control of daily data management processes at a single glance
  • Business Domain Model SDK allowing self-service when it comes to configuring data access
  • Data lineage to support the traceability of sources, functions and validation rules to speak to data integrity and help with forensic data analysis and issue remediation

Take data quality management and data access to the next level by bringing transparency to financial data management. Each process within the main overview dashboard outlines a live view of summary information on the total, completed and running processes along with error and warning messages.

To further investigate and drill into the summary detail users can seamlessly click any process and expand or narrow the time frame to enhance their ability to take corrective action.

Banking Alveo
REST API - Access

Rest API

Alveo’s Business Domain Model Service, (“BDMS”) provides easy access to Alveo’s financial data and metadata. Using a fully documented RESTful API, you can search for instruments and retrieve their reference and pricing information.



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Data Lineage - Transparency

Data Lineage

Complete transparency over who did what and when, and total control each step of your data’s journey. Data Lineage provides detailed information about the origin of the data. It enables your business to show where data is coming from which helps to determine the quality of the data or field regulatory and internal questions on data values or origins.

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Alpha Fast API - Exploration

Fast API

Alpha is an open-source market data warehouse that ensures on-demand availability of high-quality data to all users and applications. It works in conjunction with Prime to provide easy access to data that has been mastered through Prime.



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Select - Acquisition


Reducing costs through targeted intraday and real-time data. Select is a centralized market data acquisition product enabling users to define the universe of instruments and attributes needed from market data vendors on an intra-day and real-time basis through managed feeds.



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Ops360 is your 360-degree view offering a user-friendly control layer so users can identify bottlenecks and take corrective action right away.

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