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PaSSPort is our cloud-based managed data service, offering a simplified, low cost approach to data management by eliminating the day-to-day burden of data processing and platform maintenance

Financial services firms face frequent new business requirements for the investment management, trade enablement and reporting processes, and new regulatory requirements impacting:​

  • Trade reporting​
  • Instrument classification​
  • Valuation ​
  • Trading book​
  • Accounting standards ​
  • Risk management ​Instrument or customer eligibility tests​

The resulting information and application requirements lead to costly migrations or additions to an already complex application and data source landscape. ​

Enter PaSSPort: a managed service offering integration between data sources and users with complete transparency on the data sourcing and preparation process​.

Eliminate Complexity and Reduce Data Costs

PaSSPort comprises:

  • An easily-accessible, cloud-based data repository
  • One or more maintained interfaces to data vendors
  • Management of data request lists to control sourcing
  • Integration with downstream systems.
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Download an overview of

Alveo’s PaSSPort solution