Data Sourcing

Get the data you need - fast

Ops360’s goal is to bring the data to the people. No need for coding or IT skills. No steep learning curves. Just bring your curiosity, experience, and your intuition to discover Ops360. The data awaits.

  • Maintained integration with all main data providers
  • Mappings provided for cross-referencing feeds
  • Combine and add your own sources

Data Mastering

Build a composite picture

Cross-comparison of data sources, representation in a standard business domain model, and cross-referencing between taxonomies and data standards to have a composite view of your market and reference data.

  • Combine issuer, instrument, listing, pricing and corporate action data
  • Comprehensive industry domain model
  • Cross-reference different identifiers and taxonomies

Discover Alveo’s Ops360 solution for full control over the data acquisition, mastering and data discovery process.

Data Quality

Do you trust your information?

Create trusted information through our data quality management. Detect discrepancies and outliers and use our built-in Data Quality metrics to optimize sourcing: complete data lineage and explainability.

Data Access

Put the data into the hands of the users

We quickly operationalize data through cataloguing, permissions management, easy access through user-defined views in our browser, set-up of business rules to act on the data and programmatic access via our REST API.

  • Easy set-up of views and queries in Ops360
  • Connect via our web UI or third-party BI tools
  • Ultrafast API for global data provisioning

Data Distribution

Make the most of your data

Ops360 provides a bird’s eye view of data flows, from acquisition through mastering and enrichment through to distribution. From an overview dashboard, users can drill down into a historical overview of processes, pick a time slice, and zoom in on any date range.

  • Cloud-agnostic data distribution and provisioning
  • Last-mile integration to business applications
  • Easy data shaping for fast onboarding of new users

Data Analytics

Bring your own analytics

Our cloud-native, high-performance bitemporal data warehouse provides native integration with Python and R and third-party library integration to build your analytics on top of data you can trust.

  • Bitemporal, highly scalable time series data warehouse
  • Off-the-shelf integration with open source libraries such as QuantLib
  • Bring your own analytics via our APIs

Data ROI

Maximize your return

Alveo helps you get the most mileage out of your external and internal data sets and maximizes your Data ROI. We provide clarity on available data sets and easily add new data and sources. Our usage tracking and easy last-mile integration help you get your business on a consistent data footing, showing you what data is underused or where you may over-source.

Get to know us

Do you know your data? Alveo helps financial services firms to make the most of their pricing and reference data.

Become an Alveo partner

Alveo works closely with third parties to provide comprehensive solutions. This includes working with data providers to provide pre built integration, technology companies with adjacent capabilities, and services firms to operate our solutions.

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